egg tempera Artist

Catherine O'Mara

A skilled artist with over four decades of experience, wields her adeptness in the time-honoured egg tempera technique to conjure vivid scenes of the Muskoka region. Her work, which encapsulates the tranquil beauty of local rivers and lakes, resonates deeply with the viewer, instilling a sense of place and reflection. O'Mara uses many translucent layers of egg tempera to painstakingly build a depth of colour giving her paintings a soft luminous finish.

Most recently the application of 18 to 24-karat gold leaf, as in Renaissance times, adds to this luminous effect. The gold not only infuses her works with a unique range of tints and textures but also introduces an interactive element, as the reflective properties of the gold leaf bring the painting alive, responding to the viewer's movement and changes in lighting. This careful juxtaposition of techniques results in a living tableau that subtly shifts and changes, encapsulating the ethereal nature of Muskoka landscapes.